It Begins with Education

The future of the St. Louis region will be defined not by our challenges, but by our ability to turn those challenges into opportunities.

We face a transformative opportunity right now.

Despite decades of tepid population growth, in which St. Louis slid slowly backwards into 19th position among the nation’s 20 largest metros, we rank 14th from the top in the percentage of our adult population with Bachelor’s and higher-level college degrees.

Why It’s Important

Laying the Foundation for Tomorrow

This is our strongest building block for a better tomorrow. A well-educated workforce can be the foundation for a future that defies past trends.

The business leaders of the Regional Chamber’s Talent Council believe that we can – and should – begin immediately to build on this foundation.

A concerted, collaborative effort can advance our workforce from 14th place in college attainment into the top ten of the nation’s largest metros by the year 2025 – ensuring the talent pool that area companies need to innovate and grow, and attracting people, firms, and investments from all over the world.

What Will It Take?

The difference between 14th place and 10th place in college attainment among the nation’s 20 largest metros is an increase of approximately 75,000 BA and higher degrees over St. Louis’ forecast trend line.

We believe that our region can achieve that level of increase in the next 12 years – if we start now and maintain a steady level of effort focused clearly on the goal.

The Business Case


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